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How to paint a Post office Mural

To celebrate the combining of my two Artistic Identities David Bog & D.P. O’ Malley under Umbrella of Fun Art I am reblogging this article i would two years about getting the opportunity to paint a Mural, (Above is a five Minute Video I put together about the process). enjoy.

How to paint a Post office

Firstly get the local heritage Committee to ask if you are was interested in doing a mural to spruce up an old Post Office building, Luckily such an opportunity arose for me and I jumped at the chance. Their were a couple of reasons, being from the area I had passed that building every day on my way to National school and remember when it was painted with a bike, postbox and figures before. This gave the derelict building a little sense of freshness and life, a feature noticeably lacking in the crumbling walls of it’s contemporaries. So my hope was to simply try and bring a little of that freshness and a hint of fun to the place. The second reason it appealed was the chance to break out my big brushes and work on a larger scale that i normal do while painting ‘sensibly-sized-scenic-scenarios’ in the studio.

After much deep thought and philosophical pondering on what to put on the Old post office, I pushed my creative brain to the edge and came up with painting a Pillar Postbox, if that wasn’t enough I decided to throw a Cat among the pigeons, by adding a ….Cat. I painted a Sign, you needed a Sign so people knew it was a post Office and you had to have a Bicycle for help in ferrying all of your parcel, you have to remember this was in a time before Amazon prime. Back in the Studio i cut out and painted up a few windows, I found it a lot more enjoyable dirtying up windows that cleaning them!. I had trouble painting up the doorway as this rather nice old fella just would not get out of the way, so I left him in it. He should be still there if he hasn’t sloped off up to Mellotte’s Bar for a cheeky half one. He never did tell me his name only saying he wasn’t fond of it, so hopefully the people of the village will christen him with a new one.

That’s how you paint a Post Office

David Bog (Also Known as D.P. O’ Malley)
P.S (Blatant Self Promotion) I also created a an enameled mug inspired the project available from my store here

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