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A Gorilla in a Villa, A Killer whale in jail and a Jaguar on a Sports Car

Hello, my friends. I have three more short sub 3 minute time-lapse behind the scenes videos of me creating my oil paintings for my Animal Alphabet project, And up coming children’s’ book.

First up is G is for the Gorilla, who houses his pet chinchilla, in a little Roman Villa, i lost my recording for first section of my painting and had to improvise!

Next up is K with another unusual premise K is for a Killer Whale, that was sent to jail, for pulling the police officer’s ponytail !!!!

The Final Video for this post is brought to you by the letter “J is for the Jaguar, with his Guitar, Playing songs on the roof of his sports car” . let we know which is your favourite. if you enjoyed them why not Subscribe, it FREE, it encourages me to keep putting up this videos as well as really helping out my small channel Thanks a Million-the world is what you make it!

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