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B,F and C- time-lapses (the Animal Alphabet Project)

F is for Fox -Animal Alphabet Project

Due to the current ‘stay at home’ situation (Future people: i’m writing this in 2020, just google it), i took the opportunity to start working on an Idea I have been mulling over for awhile, Painting twenty-six Fun Art portraits for my own Animal Alphabet. I converted the spare bedroom (they will be nobody visiting for the next few months, hopefully weeks!!) into my makeshift Home studio. Jerry-rigged my camera to the end of an umbrella that is jammed into a light stand, to record my painting process for your viewing pleasure

B is for….. (you have to watch the video to find out what B is for!). Is a time-lapse of my around five hours painting squished into three minutes

B is for Bear

F is for Fox who….. the Answer is revealed at the end of this time-lapse Video. The goal of the Animal Alphabet project is to produce a children’s book. I decided to lean into the more surreal setting and scenarios with each painting is an illustration of a playful rhyming description for that letter.

F is for the Fox

The Third one here”C is the Cow” is actually the first i filmed. It was a bit of a learning curve, figuring out when video edit software to use –Shotcut. Then how to use it to do what i wanted it to do! My three and a half minute video took all day to edit. Thankfully with my last video it only took and hour for each minute. So there is still room for improvement hope you enjoy the goal is always to have fun with Oil paint. Stay safe.
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