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Natural Assets

Hi again, after a few false start I remembered to record  the development of this paint, I’ve titled natural Assets, it Oil On Board as usually.  Below is  short Little Video of about 80sec’s displaying my Honest endeavour

The subject of the work is inspired by taking a sideways look at Irish export, with a prominent one being our culture, so i am playing on the romantic idyllic rural countryside The tourism board push in the 1950/60, with our turf, our lakes and other charming young things. Another thing we exported a lot of was people for many reasons, but one was talent, such as our actor. In my fictional little work Saoirse may be admiring Micheal’s Natural Assets – his Ass and cart load of Turf, what more could one wish for on those long winter nights.

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This was a fun commission for me to tackle, as it allowed me more creative freedom to try and include all the elements my client had asked for with the 30cm X 20cm confines of the mounted board. My first step was to come up with a layout that includes all the requested objects in a “workable narrative” as well as being compositional pleasing.  When i was happy I lightly drew the design onto the white primed board. Only to erase it, so as to leave the faintest trace of a line, which would act as guidelines. Then I started blocking in or under-painting, basically getting the foundation colour of each object down.


Once the board is cover with the first layer of paint, I usually leave it while for the oils to dry before repainting the scene again. This time adding shadow, highlights and some detail in order to balance the colour and give them a sense of depth, as can be seen by the addition of darker red areas to the car and highlighted stars of the galaxy


I then repeat this step again and again further refining the detail and depth of the paint until I’m happy with it. I really enjoyed painting the deep blues/blacks of space and the tint of pink in the galxy’s spiral arm, and the variation of skin tone between the two space men. I endeavor to get each painting to a certain representational standard but it is just as important not to obsure the brush work as i feel it gives it’s own character, At the end of the day it is an oil painting. You may notice that towards the end I swapped out my little green alien for a Cat,  the Client wished to have something more personal to him, which is what commissioned Fun Art portraits is all about.


Thank you for reading, please let know what you think by leaving a Comment, liking it or FaceBooking me. If you happen to find yourself outside on a nice clear night, why not look up at the Majesty of the stars and untold wonders of the void, you might even spot out friendly spacemen!

Until next we meet, be well,
D.P O’ Malley – cultural satirist and painter in oils.


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Dogs Of War

Dogs of war was inspired by a World war II photo,  In my painting we see a British bulldog, American hound and Siberian husky having a meeting to try and agree upon the best way to marshaling and manage their plastic soldiers.  Who do you think will find it the hardest to put their toys back in the box?

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