About Me

I am D.P. (David Patrick) O’ Malley and David Bog, the first is my actual real life name, the later is a nickname I picked up while in Art college. Why “Bog” you ask?. Well, there was four of us ‘Davids’ in my particular class, to differentiate we each got a descriptive add-on. there was; Davey English, David Rep, Davey injured and me David Bog, as I am from Co. Mayo, a partially rural and scenic part of Ireland on it’s Atlantic coast, which does contain a few Peat bogs.  It also has weather worn Mountains, large lakes  and a patchwork of farms and fields which lend it its unique beauty and charm while providing me with endless inspiration. All of which made me proud to have it as nickname and which I continue used to sign differentiate my painting styles
That’s me working hard on a painting
I have chosen to keep the David Bog name along side my D.P O’ Malley to help distinguish my types of my paintings
D.P O’ Malley/ FunArt –  cultural satirist, humors and playful pieces, oil paintings with the heart of a caricature
 David Bog /Fine Art – A more philosophical and traditional inquiry into the landscape and figurative paintings
I work predominantly in the Fun Art world but I like to jump back and forth to keep thing fresh and exciting for myself. 

I have exhibited throughout Ireland and painted in many various forms-  Murals, Book Illustrations, mostly Oil Paintings. With which I have been fortunate enough to have people throughout Ireland, the UK and the USA commission original works or even add a work of mine to there private collections.